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Fireball Run

    Full Throttle Kustomz is a proud supporter and participater of the Fireball Run Adventurally. Having competed several times with 2 different Ford GT500's, we are honored to have been a part in helping to find America's Missing Children and look forward to working with this great organization in the future.

The Insurance Office of America Fireball Run Transcontinental Rally is an interactive 'game" - Not a Race. racing components of the game are held exclusively on private, closed courses. All competitors are expected to obey local and state traffic laws and to extend maximum courtesy to the driving public. Remember, the Fireball Run is an event of privilege: you have been invited to participate in a private game. Any abuse of the highway laws, irresponsible driving, or any behavior which places the reputation of this event, its organizers, its sponsors, or the competitors in question, can result in exclusion from the event. Any use of enhancing drugs or driving while intoxicated will result in immediate exclusion from this event.




     This  event is an "interactive-enhanced vacation experience". We are grateful many municipalities warmly and openly welcomed the event - in many cases you will get very involved with community leaders or interact with their unique destinations. Be mindful and respectful of our community hosts. Discard any trash and set a good example for yourself and the event - we may want to return in future years. When a host has been identified, please extend your personal thanks for supporting the event.

The track challenges will  be supervised by Henry Gilbert, president of  the Sports Cars Driving experience. At that point, the event belongs to Henry: Where he places you in the line up is where you will go. There will be no egos on the track - aggressive or dangerous attitudes will not be tolerated.  This is not to say "prance around the track" - if you want to total your Bentley then that is your business - it's called "racing" not "driving" for a reason. If you want to "take it easy" on the track, let Henry know and he will hold you back. The faster, more experienced drivers will go first, followed by less powered vehicles and exhibition vehicles. Henry will be seen by our sanctioning body COMMA. If you do not have your COMMA license, you will not be allowed to participate in the track events - period. There was plenty of time and warning afforded to you to obtain the $35.00 license from COMMA - if you don't have it, you will not be driving the track events. All tracks require you to sign a waiver, please be ready, as there will likely be a line to get in. Our arrival time will be 8:30 am and end at 5:00 pm. If you are not participating in the track events, we suggest you join us to watch your peers compete.


SPONSOR PURCHASE - +3  POINTS (MAX). Fax, E-mail, Land Mail a receipt or paid invoice for any product or service purchased from our sponsors to Fireball Run HQ - Earn 1 additional point for each complete purchase. There is a 3 point maximum>

CHARITY DONATION - +3 POINTS (MAX). A $50.00 "on-line" donation to Child Rescue Network not only helps to provide the much needed funds for locating Americas missing children, but also much needed bonus points for your team... 3 to be exact. Once your donation has been received the official "Child Rescue Network" patch will be sent to you. Present this patch "sewn" onto a garment of your choice at the bio Traits driver  check-in and they'll add 3 points to your score. If you didn't get a chance, you may still earn the 3 point bonus. However, being tardy is gonna cost you, but what the heck, it's for a good cause right. Receive your "Race To Recover Americas Missing" patch from Child Rescue Network for a $100 donation. Present this patch "ironed" onto a garment of your choice to the bio Traits driver check-in and they'll add 3 points to your score.

TROOPER SCOOPER - +1 POINT PER STATE. Earn additional points by taking a picture of any State Trooper. Your photo composition must include: your vehicle, the trooper's vehicle, any member of your team and the State Trooper. FBR staff must be able to "clearly" identify the state from which your trooper is from. You must present your proof to the bioTraits driver check-in at the end of that leg of the event.

SIGN OF THE TIMES - +5 POINTS (MAX). Take a picture  of each of the state signns. Your photo composition must include: any member of your team holding a newspaper "local" to the state and the state line "Welcome to" sign. FBR staff must be able to 'clearly" identify the newspaper's header, the state sign and your team mate. Present the proof in total to the bioTraits driver check-in at the Beverly Hill finish. **It is all or nothing - you must have  all nine state line signs.

While having fun & sharing an incredible experience with other like minded people, The Fireball Run ultimately is a mission to find America’s children… called “The Race to Recover America’s Missing”™. Every team will make their journey with a different missing childs's image & stats affixed to the vehicle, creating a “rolling milk carton”. The contestants are to place as many “recovery” posters as possible along the 3500 mile journey.

If you have any questions or want more info on a particular child, call toll free 1-877-209-KIDS(5437). If you think you have seen one of the missing children DON'T hesitate, call 911 or the hotline above and help us locate and bring home these children.

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