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Super Stangfest

     The Full Throttle Crew visited Super Stang Fest in Daytona. There were tons of scheduled events from 50+ Mustang cruises to a judged show that managed to keep us busy all week. The week started off with go-kart night. After an early dinner all the Mustang guys got together and tore it up on the track. There were a few spin outs, but also had some track records broken that night. The next day started with a cruise to Sea World and the afternoon being spent at the park having fun with Mustang fans from all over the United States. Originally scheduled for that night was some drag racing, but due to the rain, it had to be canceled. However, they did manage to put together a dyno shootout instead.  The following day held a cruise in for lunch at Hooters with a dj that turned into a dinner as well. It was a cool night just hanging and relaxing with all of these great Mustang enthusiasts. We managed to round up some of the wait staff for some photos with the Mustangs. Later we rolled into town for the after hours party. The weekend rolled around to host the beach cruise that stretched two miles of the shore and gave these Mustang guys and gals a chance to get some sand on the tires in the noontime sunshine. After everyone cleaned up from the beach, we met at Ocean Deck for a photo shoot with Blow-By Racing's Eleanor and some of the contestants from the bikini contest. Finally, the big event of the week, the last day of the trip catered to the judged show in the center of the Daytona Speedway. There were some awesome cars on display. John Temple from Legend Mustang was there with his LM500, Granatelli showed a good looking Mustang with a custom paint job, just to name a few.

     We had a great time hanging with Chris and all the girls from Blow-By Racing. In attendance for Super Stangfest was the better part of 600 Mustangs, all years and types. We received a lot of great coverage. We also took advantage of the beautiful weather and scheduled a few magazine shoots with 5.0 Mustang, Mustang Enthusiast and Mustang Source. Thanks to all who attended and organized this great event, all of us at Full Throttle Kustomz had a great time!

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