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Woodward Dream Cruise

When August rolls around each year, you know you can expect Full Throttle Kustomz will be setting up to cruise Woodward Avenue along side vehicles from every manufacturer. There are so many unique rides from all over the United States that I could not possibly begin to list specifics. After cruising up and down a few times, we will stop by Mustang Alley. The show is awesome and the weather is usually great. Local Channel 53 stopped by and interviewed our performance technician Dan about Full Throttle Kustomz' many adventures to Woodward Dream Cruise. Our Tangerine Twin Turbo GT took the Modified Mustang Editor's Choice Award, what more could you ask for? But still this show is only a small part of Woodward Dream Cruise, so we cruise back out onto the strip. When the night falls we will head for Birmingham to grab dinner. Then after fueling up, cruise the avenue once more and then start for home. After a long day, we'll put the cars to bed and even though the show just ended, we will already be talking about next year's cruise.

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