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“I have worked with and known Ray through SEMA since 2005. He has done an outstanding job on feature vehicles for the SEMA Show and has been generous with his vehicles by loaning them for special SEMA displays. He is a top-notch builder of quality specialty vehicles…and a great guy that I have the pleasure of calling a friend. I’d recommend his talents and capabilities to any person considering a customization or accessorization opportunity.” April 27, 2010

Bill Wolf, Senior Director, OEM Relations, SEMA


“We met Ray 8 years ago when we supplied client product for a project vehicle he was building. Ray has solid business management skills and knows how to effectively run a business/manage people. He is also extremely creative and is exceptional in new product development. He’s an accomplished vehicle tuner/customizer and his vehicles have appeared on the covers and in the pages of numerous enthusiast publications. Over the years at Full Throttle Kustomz, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist us and support our clients, all as a favor to us. He has helped us write/shoot/video technical how-to-install stories for our customers. He has taken the time to bring his vehicles to special events or shows whenever we’ve asked. He has conducted installs for different media members for us in his shop. He always shares his expertise in the industry and his contacts with us. Ray is a dedicated professional: he puts in long hours and works hard. He’s become a very good friend of our automotive public relations agency. We highly respect Ray’s in-depth automotive knowledge and value our relationship with him.” March 31, 2010

Shari McCullough-Arfons, President, McCullough Public Relations



As VP of Sales for Fidanza, I had a vision….. put together a retro-modern muscle car / roadracer show car based upon the Nissan 350 Z. I knew I could rely on industry associates to provide the most cutting edge bolt on performance products to help make this happen. This car would be slated to be a SEMA booth car showcasing these quality products, and also to be featured in many high performance magazines. Next concern was who could turn my vision into reality.

This is where Ray McClelland of Full Throttle Kustomz came into the picture. Knowing of the 100 pt high profile show cars that Ray has previously built….he and his crew were the obvious choice to turn this 350Z into a Real Dream Car.

As anyone who has ever built or coordinated a project of this magnitude knows, Show deadlines are never far enough away. With a minimum amount of time , and only my sketchy vision of what this Z should become, Ray and his crew performed miracles. They took this stock 350Z, and in a matter of weeks turned it into a slippery fast , gorgeous , sleek show stopper. The publicity generated by this beautiful Show car has been phenomenal. The amazing thing is that it is not only a show car…. It is an extremely capable Street Machine….. and I know, because during good weather it is my daily driver….talk about a head turner, that has as much GO as Show….this is it.

The quality of the workmanship , ability to complete project before deadlines, and the courteous service and communications before , during and after the build up are beyond compare. I would highly recommend Ray and his crew at Full Throttle Kustomz to anyone considering custom work on their street, race or show vehicle.

Thank You Ray & Crew for a job very well done,

Tim Andrews

Fidanza Corporation


“Ray’s craftsmanship offers a high level of quality with meticulous attention to detail. One of the most valuable things that separates Ray from others in his field, is his willingness to offer technical support long after the customer has left the shop. His personable nature makes him very easy to work with when communicating your thoughts for your project, and his high level of expertise ensures that your project gets to its final stage.”

Matthew Caslow


“Ray is a rare businessman that not only goes out on a limb for you but he also gets his hands dirty. We have provided Ray with multiple automotive performance builds that have ranged from mild to wild and import to domestic. His creativity and quality of work helped get our show cars on the road quickly and also look great on camera. I’ve always recommended his work and will continue to do so.”

Shawn Raines


“I worked with Ray on several projects. He was always timely, considerate and extremely hard working. Ray was very talented and inventive, reaching solutions quickly that few other people could accomplish. His results in everything we worked together on were very successful and always first class. He got the most out of people, and always made the experience one to remember. He never asked anyone to do anything he wouldn’t and that is a mark of a great leader. I hope we get to work together again soon.”

James Napier, Owner, Turbo HorsePower


“Ray was instrumental in the development of our Legend X Mustang’s engine program. He worked with us to develop a superior product with exceptional drivablility and reliability. Ray’s tuning skills helped Temple Performance Cars to produce everything from our 700HP Legend X to customer cars producing over 1000HP! Temple Performance Cars would recommend Ray McClelland for all aspects of automotive performance!”

John Temple , Owner of Legend Mustangs & Mark 8 Muscle


“I am writing this recommendation because I have worked with Ray McClelland on many levels. While working at The Dream Car Factory Ray was my direct boss. This is where I learned first hand the professional approach that Ray takes to every aspect of managing a business. His extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive industry has allowed him to succeed in every aspect. After The Dream Car Factory, Ray started Full Throttle Kustomz. We maintained our business relation and worked together on many projects. His cutting edge vision and experience lead him to build/modify many ground breaking vehicles. These vehicles include a Mustang that had 1100HP, recieved national attention and won countless show awards. If you are looking for the best of the best in the automotive industry you can stop and look no further, Ray McClelland is the guy for the job. In my opion, you will not find another professional in his industry that can be matched. Please contect him about your automotive projects. I can promise that you will be as impressed as the hundreds of clients that have already had their dream machines built.

Matt Vincik, Owner, Ohio Web Technologies


I could not have asked for a better outcome for the tune of my 2006 Mustang GT! Ray and his team did a thorough, professional job and the installation/tune of the Intercooled Procharger system have remained virtually bulletproof all year. Ray was quick to explain and answer any questions I had during the process, and has taken care of all of the Dyno testing and scheduled maintenance to date. The car performs great and is consistently reliable in any condition. I am looking forward to having Ray and FTK take it to the next level of performance. If you want your car done right, these are the guys to trust.
-Jesse Carlson


"It's been a great ride, we met Ray McCelland at SEMA 2002. Blinder was only two years running. As a small company just starting out, we needed a car that would draw a crowd. Ray offered up the 350Z with all the toys. This car has been a great draw, not only at the trade show but also for posters and other advertising materials. We have packed the booth at CES, SEMA, NOPI and IAS. There has always been a new surprise for each show from the new instrument panels to the motorized screens. I can't wait to see what's going to show up at the next SEMA Show."
-Leon, Blinder USA


Kepich Ford Gives Thumbs Up To FTK
"I have worked with Ray and his team of professionals for a couple years, and I can tell you that no matter what level of customizing you are looking for Full Throttle Kustomz can handle it! We have done many new vehicle packages at many different levels for our customers and we have never had an unhappy customer. They take care and pride in what they do and it shows."
-Pete Kepich, Kepich Ford Mercury


“Ray is highly talented at what he does.If you are looking for someone to build you a Hot Rod or looking for someone to just tune-up the one you have he’s the man for the job.He does a great job!”

John Colussy, Owner of Colussy Chevrolet


“Ray provides his full attention to my needs as a customer seeking a solution. His heart is truly into helping build a lasting relationship while utilizing all of his expertise to deliver exactly what is asked for and more. Ray is a master tuner, a mentor, and a business leader and has earned my respect as such.”

Glenn Eldridge, Senior Editor, West Coast GearHead


“Ray is an exceptionally creative and determined professional. During my time as Account Director with McCullough Public Relations – an automotive aftermarket-focused PR firm – Ray repeatedly demonstrated outstanding talent in the design, execution and promotion of custom cars and trucks including those sponsored by the agency’s clients. Ray’s award-winning work has earned the admiration of auto aficionados and media alike and has been regularly showcased at the annual SEMA Show. I highly recommend Ray for his notable passion and can-do-anything approach to the business of specialty vehicles and accessories.”

Eric Knappenberger , Director of Public Relations at SmileyHanchulak


“Well what can I say? Professionally Ray is excellent at his trade and has a stellar reputation. Personally he is a good person and has been a great competitor in the Fireball Run Adventurally series… I like him- you will too.” May 5, 2010

J “J.J.” Sanchez, Executive Director, Fireball Run Adventurally

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